Private Capital Finance is a financial institution that serves as an intermediary for global private money investors seeking higher than average returns on investment and secure funding for non-owner-occupied real estate investments, SME corporations and licensed professionals. The company approached our web design agency to create a new website that would communicate its services, increase online visibility, and attract new clients.


Private Capital Finance had an outdated website that did not adequately represent the company’s services and value proposition. The company’s website was slow to load, difficult to navigate and lacked a responsive design. This made it challenging for potential clients to find the information they were looking for and contact the company. Additionally, the company was not effectively communicating its services or differentiating its offerings from competitors, which was impacting its ability to attract new clients.

Design Strategy

Our design team worked closely with Private Capital Finance to understand its business goals, target market, brand identity, and competition. Based on this research, we developed a design strategy that would communicate the company’s services, strengthen its brand identity, and differentiate its offerings from competitors.

We developed a new website design that featured a clean and modern layout, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they were looking for. We also created a responsive design that optimized the website for viewing on multiple devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We used branding elements such as color schemes and typography to reinforce the company’s brand identity and communicated the company’s services in simple and easy to understand language.

Website Features

The new website included several features designed to showcase the company’s services, differentiate its offerings from competitors, and improve the user experience for visitors. These features included a homepage that highlighted the company’s unique value proposition, a services page that outlined the company’s offerings, an about page that introduced visitors to the company’s team and core values, and a contact page that made it easy for visitors to get in touch with the company. We also included a resource section that featured articles and whitepapers on financial topics that would be of interest to visitors to the website.


The newly designed website had a positive impact on Private Capital Finance’s online presence and helped improve customer engagement and retention. The new design improved the user experience for website visitors, making it easier and faster to find information about the company’s services. The website was optimized for search engines, resulting in higher visibility and improved rankings in search results. The new website has received positive feedback from clients and industry experts, and the company has seen an increase in website traffic, customer engagement, and new leads. Overall, Private Capital Finance’s new website has helped to position the company as a leader in the financial services industry and drive business growth.

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